Wellness at Work was founded by Ciara Whyte (Manager & Company Director), and Donal O’Callaghan (Company Director) in September 1999. Having both worked in the fitness and leisure industry since the early nineties, they saw the need to make health and fitness more accessible to organisation and their employees.

At the time many progressive US companies were also advocating for and establishing wellness as part of their corporate culture. Having created a successful business model (the first of its kind in Ireland) based on the tried and tested methods of those at the forefront of this industry, both founders have since become recognised leaders in the corporate health and fitness industry in Ireland.

Inspiration and encouragement is key to helping the individual find his or her own successful path. Our highly experienced professionals excel at providing the necessary motivation and guidance needed to attain, and then maintain a healthier lifestyle over the long term.

Ciara, Donal and their Team are very proud of the high standards they have continued to set for almost twenty years. As a result, Wellness at Work has grown organically over the years, always gaining new clients through the recommendations of current clients. By delivering exceptional client experiences and outcomes, word of mouth alone has built our business over the past 19 years, and as we enter the next phase of growth we look to evolve by proactively seeking out new clients.