Wellness at Work are preferred partners for Wellbeats Virtual Fitness in Ireland, the premier on-demand, virtual fitness provider that delivers over 400 fitness classes available to employees anytime, anywhere. Please contact us for more information.


We recently collaborated with Healbright, an online Mental Health provider of self paced courses on numerous mental wellness topics, as well as courses on mindfulness and yoga.

Healbright offers online mental wellness and stress reduction programs designed to optimize mental health in the workplace. Stress and mental health issues costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars a year in lost productivity, absenteeism, and healthcare costs.

Healbright addresses this by offering confidential, self-paced courses on a variety of mental wellness topics. Healbright instructors are mental health experts, many of which are leaders in the field and best-selling authors. By focusing on mental wellness rather than mental illness, employees are able to take control of their emotional lives in the privacy of their own homes without having to worry about stigma. Healbright programmes focus on topics such as parenting, relationships, stress, anxiety & depression, grief, mindfulness, self-care, and many more.

Healbright offers custom solutions based on your company’s specific needs. In addition to offering employees access to its library of hundreds of videos on mental wellness, Healbright offers company-wide challenges and certifications on topics such as mindfulness, stress reduction, and emotional resilience.

Wellness at Work is Healbright’s exclusive partner in Ireland and the U.K. and is able to use our years of corporate wellness experience to customize the best solution for your stress reduction and mental wellness needs.


Wellness at Work provide Health and Fitness workshops and one-to-one diet consultations as part of the VHI Corporate Live Well programme.

Ireland Active

Wellness at Work are long time members of Ireland Active, a not-for-profit company providing industry standards and best practice.

Peninsula Ireland

Wellness at Work are members of Peninsula Ireland for over six years. They provide us with a comprehensive overview and software system for our HR and Health & Safety procedures.

We recently received an award of Excellence from Peninsula Ireland for our exemplary record in Health & Safety.


MINDBODY provides our online scheduling and gym membership software.